Contemporary headshots

modern, stylish, and not too formal

I specialize in portraits that show you at your best, and that suit your professional needs. A good headshot will represent you in a way that suits your purpose.

Sessions are fully guided so that you do not have to worry about what to do in front of the camera. Just let yourself be pleasantly surprised.

What is a headshot?

Traditionally, headshots are photo portraits of a person that show them without their hands. The face is prominently featured, mostly in even and full lighting, so there are no strong shadows on any side of the face or below the nose and chin. It’s a kind of a close-up usually for professional purposes, mostly taken on a light background.

A headshot should capture you so that you are recognizable to others.

A headshot is a portrait, but a portrait is not always a headshot.

Professional profile photos

I would say, profile shots are facial photographs to use on any kind of profile, on LinkedIn, Xing and any other social media or for job applications. They are not so much restricted to a specific style, and can include hands, such as when you might be touching your face, or when your arms are crossed.

Colorful backgrounds or darker tone backgrounds can come into play, giving the image a more energetic, moody or classy look.

Contemporary business portraits

Portraits for your business very much depend on your profession and brand. Unlike traditional corporate business portraits, professional business portraits capture you in a more modern and authentic way, representing the role you fulfill and your professional style.

This may include natural lighting and being in a specific setting, such as a modern indoor environment.

Poses can be relaxed instead of stiff and formal, and backgrounds tend to be more minimalistic.

These types of portraits aim to capture the person’s genuine personality and demeanor, without being too personal.

Body language and micro expressions make all the difference

Read more about micro expressions on my blog ‘Personal expressions in portraits‘.

I would be happy to talk about ideas with you, and to create a photoshoot especially for you.