This was my first photo shoot after ‘social distancing’ became the topic. We were in the mood for a little dramatic black and white fashion style portraits and experimenting with strobes in the historic center of Basel, in the late afternoon and into the evening, taking advantage of the mostly empty streets and alleys. Keeping a safe physical distance.

Raquel, dressed in a stylish outfit, was a perfect model. It may look like I am trying to promote BAZ, but I can assure you I am certainly not. Nonetheless, props like the newspaper bring an interesting twist to a photo shoot and surprise with an immediate sense of storytelling. And, I was exploring the possibilities of the blurry background with my new 85mm portrait lens.

Black and white photography is such a completely different art form all together, it is good to switch from color to black and white from time to time, because it helps develop a sensitivity towards contrast, shapes and texture, not to mention perspective and graphic arrangement.

Thank you Raquel for a fun evening. I went home after that, so happy to have my creative juices flowing again.