In the woods with Nadine and kids

There is a little girl, her name is Alva… Her favorite creature is a unicorn. She has a collection of tiny little snails that she spread on the table while I was brading her hair.

We went to the woods, Nadine and her two children Alva and Jani and me, to a patch of forest left untouched, the kind you rarely find in Switzerland any more. We took our time searching for interesting spots to capture some images, slowly connecting with nature’s serenity, moving into being rather than doing.

The kids must have covered at least 3x more of the forest ground than Nadine and me, zigzagging through the undergrowth and up and down the hills, to find new spots to gather for a family photo. ‘Over here, and let’s go up there!’ This is great fun, all of it.

And suddenly they feel like doing some Yoga.
Moments unfolding as they do, when you are immersed in nature.

Hungry, we turn back.

Have a happy summer