When was the last time you had your portrait taken, was that maybe during holidays or during a family celebration, or was it a selfie in hiding?

If you are over 50 chances are you have very few portraits of yourself, and even less that you really like. Personal portraits of this age group are sometimes simply non-existent.

We come up with many excuses why we should avoid the camera, it’s not the right day, the hair cut looks stupid or we think we need to lose a few pounds before. I am sure that you have some photos of your loved ones that you really like. Now have you ever thought to yourself that they should have gone on a diet before the shot was taken? Surely not. Portrait photography is about expression and radiance and it is my job to create the space where you feel authentic and confident. Who knows who might show up then, and should she, will you allow her to be there?

Now is the right time to do this, because portraits allow us to witness our own transformation and development through life. In ten years from now, we might not even remember what we looked like. And guess who else might appreciate our portrait, yes, your partner, your children, and friends.

What if every woman, and especially those over 50, would show off their portraits without feeling ashamed, vain or self centred. What if it were alright and actually quite normal to celebrate your individuality and uniqueness. We would leave behind new impressions and reshape the image of women.

Let me ask you today, how would you most enjoy seeing yourself in a portrait? What would it feel like? Would you look confident, quiet, natural, sensual, seductive, powerful, playful, serious? Where would that picture be taken, what mood would it have? Let your phantasy take you where you need to go.